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You got the book – now here’s a tool to create a business that can thrive without you.

As you’ll read in Built to Sell, one of the most important steps to building a more valuable business is to create a business that can thrive without you. But how do you do this? By giving your team the guidance they need to run the business in your absence.

This can be achieved by documenting your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). But writing SOPs is a painful process. That’s why we created VidGuide. With VidGuide, you can document your SOPs with video and have your instructions pop-up inside the software your team uses to run your business.

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“Get rid of your dusty, unused training manuals and experience process consistency with short video steps right at your fingertips when you need them.”

Chris Fort
The Resultants

“VidGuide™ is a gamechanger! We’ve saved time and money while improving the speed and retention of our employee onboarding and training. ”

Jonathan Zafrani
EPI Fire Protection Inc.

“There is just so much information hiding in our heads. VidGuide™ is helping us to get that out in front. It's a highly functional and simple SOP tool.”

Chance Thomas Eaton
Big Sky Way

The value of documenting your SOPs

Jodie Cook, the founder of JC Social Media, grew her company to about 20 employees. She wanted to ensure her company could succeed without her, so she started creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). She identified the recurring processes in her business and began developing her SOPs.

As her business evolved, Cook continued to update her SOPs. Anytime she was asked a question, she would direct the employee to the SOP. If one wasn’t created, she would jot down a note and make the SOP for the employee to follow.

With Standard Operating Procedures in place, JC Social Media was able to thrive without her. Jodie Cook decided to sell her business, estimating the value at 5-7 times EBITDA. By showing acquirers how efficiently the company was running without her thanks to the SOPs she had created, she was able to sell her business at the top end of the range she was looking for.

Start creating a business that can thrive with you.